A Software Employee’s Aspiration for Gardening – Experience of Mr. Adithya Chandrashekar

The Gardening journey of Mr. Adithya, a software employee located at NR Colony Basavanagudi. He is one of the proud customers of My Dream Garden and a great advisor for the MDG team. His sincerity towards his work made him start gardening and avoid the state of being idle at home.

At first, he had a flower garden on his terrace. He later realized the love and passion for plants and saw his increased interest in gardening which pushed him to plant some vegetable plants as well on his small terrace.

He is a great follower of My Dream Garden Facebook page and he thought of approaching the team for a small vegetable garden setup that he could probably do in the available space on his terrace.

He started with a Customized Veggie Beginner Package to start off. He really enjoyed sitting and spending time in the garden by breathing in the fresh air. He was mesmerized by the beautiful butterflies and honey bees sucking the honey from flowers and was delighted to see such wonderful visitors who visited his garden like small birds and other creatures.

He wanted to try few fruits plants as well on his terrace, so he expanded his garden with the assistance of My Dream Garden.

The Harvest

Now, Mr. Adithya is growing almost all kinds of  vegetables, fruits as well as flowering plants. He believes that his plants will react to his gestures and care by giving him beautiful new blooms from his flower plants and little healthy sprouts from his fruit and vegetable plants every day.

Adithya Sir Terrace Garden

Thank You Adithya Sir for being part of My Dream Garden Journey.